The Effects of Soundboard Vibrations in Stringed Instruments on Timber – The Sample of Oud

Abstract – All of the sounds in nature is a result of vibration. All audio sources including instruments have their own vibration characteristics. Thus, the frequency of obtained sound, volume, and most importantly its characteristic timbre, is determined by the sound source. In this study, the effects of soundboard vibrations in string instruments on timber have been investigated. Soundboard vibration of the oud selected for the experiment was determined by the methods of “Chladni” and “Tapping”. Also for use in timber analysis, “sound spectrum” and “sound envelope” measurements were made. With the aim of changing the vibrational characteristics of the soundboard, magnets were used. By changing the locations of the magnets attached to the specific areas of soundboard, analysis processes were repeated. In light of the obtained data, the relationship between spectral features of the instrument and sound envelope features was revealed through soundboard vibration features. Thus, sound production process depending on the mechanical vibration of the strings and the details of the production of timbre were determined. Such a study was made by a Turkish music instruments for the first time and presented to the knowledge of instrument makers and the performers.