Carbon Fiber Turkish & Arabic Ouds

Carbon Fiber is a very special material which is used in the production of various musical instruments with its durability, hardness and lightness. For this reason, the implementation of Carbon Fiber ouds has been a long and exciting process for me.

I chose to apply a traditional soundboard and brace design to the carbon fiber bowl. Because I wanted to examine the effects of the carbon fiber bowl on sound. The sound I get from here is similar to the traditional oud sound, but it can be said that there are some differences. The most important acoustical advantage of the Carbon Fiber oud is that it has a very wide dynamic range and can easily create sound in all fingerboard positions.

Physically, carbon fiber increases both the impact resistance of the oud and its resistance to moisture and heat changes. In addition, the neck and the bowl are made of a single piece of carbon fiber, which prevents the action height of the strings from the keyboard change over time. Because of these advantages, I think that carbon fiber will become widespread in instrument making in the near future.