The first thing expected from a musical instrument is to produce the desired musical sounds. However, although sound production is a physical process, it is an aesthetic phenomenon from a musical point of view. Therefore, I believe that an instrument should be a source of inspiration for the performer visually as well. I think this can be achieved with clean workmanship, correct proportions and natural beauty of the tree, and it is possible to decorate the oud with various ornaments.

I like to use motifs that have a meaning in the historical period and I prefer natural materials. I often use a natural mother-of-pearl thickness of 1.5 mm in parts that are not very effective on sound such as fingerboard and cap. Sound areas such as the pickguard and rosettes with thinner mother-of-pearl or wood materials of various colours. Therefore, I take into account the effects of ornaments on the sound characteristics and playability of the oud.