Final Process & Tuning

At this stage; installation of bridge, fingerboard, pickguard and rosettes. Although the end of the production process has been reached, these parts have significant effects on the sound quality of the oud. In this reason, I consider the possible acoustic results, especially when designing the bridge and rosettes. I try to use materials according to the desired sound and especially to keep their weight at certain values.

I prefer to montage the parts to be glued on the soundboard after polishing. In this way, both the polish can be applied to the surface more evenly and there is no accumulation of polish on the edges of the parts. However, the shellac polish needs to be scraped carefully while preparing the parts to be glued in this method.

After completing the whole oud and installing the strings, I do a detailed sound and vibration analysis. The vibration characteristics of the body and air inside determine the sound character of the oud. Therefore, according to the data obtained, I am tuning the ouds soundboard and braces for the last time.