Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis is a numerical analysis technique that allows the estimation of many dynamic and static properties during the design stage of the product to be obtained.

Since the production process of the instruments is long and variable, it is difficult to estimate the sound characteristics of the instrument during the design stage. Working with wood materials, each with different physical properties, adds so many variables to the design process. This makes it difficult to understand the effects of material and design characteristics of an instrument on the sound character.

 In my doctoral thesis, I prepared a finite element model for the oud, tried to confirm it experimentally, and got very coherent results. Thus, I have analyzed in a computer environment how the variables such as brace geometry and soundboard thickness affect the natural vibrations of the instrument. For this reason, I believe that the finite element analysis that I use frequently in my instrument acoustics studies will provide significant benefits in terms of instrument design and appropriate material selection.