Acoustic Analysis

Acoustic analysis is the process of measuring and analyzing sound waves generated by any source. It is often used in the analysis of musical sounds. Especially with the various acoustic analyzes applied on instruments, important information about timbre and sound quality of instruments is obtained.

Acoustic analysis can be applied to instruments in different ways. Time-dependent change of sound from the instrument or frequency analysis are among the most studied topics. In addition, acoustic analyzes are frequently used in psychoacoustic studies.

The most preferred sound acoustic analysis of the instruments is the sound radiation analysis. In this analysis, the instrument is excited by hitting the bridge and the sound obtained is analyzed. Thus, the contribution of the natural vibrations of the instrument on the sound is obtained. In the laboratory environment, it is possible to make very accurate measurements by making the exciting with the impact hammer. However, it is possible to perform acoustic analysis with a laptop or mobile phone in the workshop environment. This analysis is basically similar to that of instrument makers listening to the sound traditionally hitting various wood materials or parts of the instrument.